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We are very proud of our Quigley Community.  Our students are resilient and come to school each day with a desire to learn and better themselves.  We have a strong PAC who works hard to provide the 'extras' for students.  This includes putting on family movie nights, subsidizing the cost of field trips, and supporting traditions such as our annual Christmas Pancake Breakfast.  We are equally fortunate to have a very dedicated staff who are determined to provide a quality learning environment for students and reflect the joy in life-long learning by continually refining their own practice.

 In 2012  our staff and parents went through a process which resulted in identifying literacy as our school goal.  Over the next few years, we grew in refining our practice of teaching reading skills, which now includes using data to identify students who are struggling, allowing us to provide necessary support in a timely manner.  In our professional learning, we brought Adrienne Gear in to work with our staff, model lessons and strategies, and create to common language.  We are very proud of the growth students have shown in their reading development.

 In 2015, after three years of focusing our learning and interventions on reading, we moved on to developing a writing continuum.  A small group of teachers on staff worked collaboratively to create a linear 'writing timeline' which shows the various stages that children progress through as they learn to write.  The idea of this project was to give students a clear visual understanding of where they are in their development and what skills they need to work on next. It allows students to self-assess their own writing and set goals accordingly.


In the spring of 2017 the staff began a scan of the school community and felt it was time to redirect our attention to numeracy and the attitude that children adapt when they delve into numeracy.  It was determined that exploring the work of Dweck and Growth Mindset might be a great approach to learning, particularly with a focus on numeracy.  Over the summer of 2017 there was a large staff turn-over at Quigley, so September 2018 began with revisiting this decision to focus on numeracy and an affirmation from the entire staff that this was the right direction for our school community.  Subsequently, we created a Numeracy Growth Mindset team representing teachers across all grade levels to help guide us on our learning journey.